Artigiani veneziani



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The headquarters of Fossò, in the province of Venice, is the nerve centre of the quality signed by Artigiani Veneziani. Nestled in the Riviera del Brenta, the cradle of the artisan art of leather processing, it benefits from a unique context that acts as the guardian of a precious tradition. Everything was born here and continues to grow day by day: in 3,500 square metres more than 200 artisans manage and realise our production. Here we guarantee direct and complete control of the entire production chain, from design and cutting to assembly and finishing, and finally, we offer logistical support.


For effective and complete service, we felt the need to strengthen the productive force of Artigiani Veneziani with a factory of more than 2,000 square metres and more than 100 employees settled in nearby Slovenia. This factory gives us the possibility of offering our customers additional services such as that of a partial-made production or secondary processing, guaranteeing direct and total control of the quality of production.