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Artigiani Veneziani is a company rooted in Italian manufacturing traditions. Founded in the 1970s, it has been producing entire collections and leather accessories with the care of traditional craftsmanship ever since. With over fifty years of experience in the manufactory sector, Artigiani Veneziani is today an established company that makes high-quality leather goods. Located in VeniceFlorence and Slovenia, the company offers a full service that combines creative design and production of the highest quality. 


Some of our master craftsmen have been with us for over forty years. By passing down their know-how to the young talents who have joined Artigiani Veneziani they made us guarantors of the continuity of a precious tradition. Their expertise in working with materials along with their artistic dexterity in always finding the best solution to bring designers’ ideas to fruition allow us to combine innovation with tradition. They unite the past, present and future of a craft that aims to be around for a long time yet. 



da Artigiani Veneziani

Artigiani Veneziani has been investing for some time in the development of technologies for the use of sustainable products and innovative vegetable components for the production of handbags and other green products, with the complete mapping of suppliers. 

Our enthusiasm for research in this field and the results we have obtained so far allow us to propose innovative solutions to those who wish to embrace this philosophy and elevate their products to a new dimension. 

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da Artigiani Veneziani

Worldwide, the term ‘Made in Italy’ conjures up images of value and quality. It is the guarantee of a meticulous production process that embodies ancient knowledge, love for one’s craft and passion. It is based on the use of high-quality materials and advanced industrial processes that allow obtaining accurate finishes while maintaining continuity with the tradition of craftsmanship. 

For Artigiani Veneziani ‘Made in Italy’ is all that and the understanding that to create unique products, it is essential to develop the ability to understand and interpret the unique ideas that conceive those products.

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