Artigiani veneziani


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Since 1970 Artigiani Veneziani has based its work on a passion for the craftsmanship of leather working in the production of luxury handbags. Over fifty years of experience, attention to detail and high-quality standards tell the unique style of the big brands for which Artigiani Veneziani works. 

The history of Artigiani Veneziani is rooted in the Agostini’s family ingenuity and passion for leather working. For three generations, the Agostini have dedicated themselves to developing collections of leather goods and creating leather accessories in keeping with the best of artisan tradition preserved in the Riviera del Brenta, the cradle of this ancient craft.

Artigiani Veneziani encompasses three generations united by a passion for an age-old art that has become a family tradition, involving their entire world, a world that is in constant evolution, like the ingenuity of the designers whose creations they shape. 


Our vision is turned towards the future and an increasingly lean company, a company grateful to its workers and headed for the optimization of time, quality, logistics, and respect for the environment. 



Mastering a raw material such as leather means knowing its essence, characteristics and possible evolutions during the production process. Our mission is to nurture a tradition that is the essence of made-in-Italy skills and pass it on to young talents who wish to cultivate this art that deserves to last. 


The young pattern maker Orfeo Agostini decides to set up his own business and opens a workshop to produce leather accessories with the support of his wife Maria Gabriella: this is the beginning of the adventure of Artigiani Veneziani based in the Riviera del Brenta, the cradle of the artisan art of leather crafting.


From the meeting of Orfeo with a local footwear entrepreneur comes the brilliant idea to give life to coordinated handbags and shoes with their brand and for other labels: an idea that will turn into a collaboration that will last over the years and that will win over prestigious brands.


Orfeo’s son, Andrea, enters Artigiani Veneziani bringing with him new lifeblood full of enthusiasm whose fruits can be admired in the company that is today, at the forefront and internationally recognized. For almost forty years, his creative nature and sensitivity to innovation have been feeding new synergies with the leading fashion brands who value his attention to the quality and service-oriented approach. 


Artigiani Veneziani begins to benefit from the precious contribution of Silvia, Andrea’s wife, who enters the company to take care of the accountancy but who, with her professionalism, will become more and more a central figure at her husband’s side in the growth of Artigiani Veneziani. Present with a great proactive attitude in every company dynamics, Silvia is responsible for the inimitable elegance, rich in femininity, that can be breathed in the goods produced by Artigiani Veneziani. 


The increase in the production capacity and the related growth in the number of people involved lead to the transfer to the present headquarters in Fossò, which becomes the beating heart of a company projected into the future. 


Artigiani Veneziani takes over a leather workshop in Slovenia and transforms it into a state-of-the-art factory with personnel trained directly in the company in response to the increasing demand for partial and secondary processing. 


To nourish the synergies between tradition, experience and talent, Florence Atelier Artigiani Veneziani is established an exclusive and innovative environment conceived to support young designers in the planning of single products or entire collections.


With Mattia – Andrea and Silvia’s son – the third generation of the Agostini family comes into action to give life to a new era of Artigiani Veneziani that aims at the realization of the company’s 4.0 vision.