Artigiani veneziani


A workshop of ideas and inspiration

for designers and emerging talents

Founded in 2018, Atelier Artigiani Veneziani is conceived as a space where designers’ ideas can come to life assisted by our skills and experience. Here, stylists and new talents have at their disposal an exclusive, comfortable and at the same time functional environment with state-of-the-art technologies to design and develop single products or entire collections.

In the heart of Florence

cradle of an ancient tradition

Atelier Artigiani Veneziani is located in the heart of Florence, just a few minutes from Palazzo Pitti, a place intimately linked to the history of fashion. It relies on the know-how of a territory that represents and guards the ancient art of tanning and leatherworking since the 14th century.


An exclusive place that combines

and innovation

In full harmony with a context that cultivates the tradition of haute couture and calls the attention of the whole world, Atelier Artigiani Veneziani nurtures the combination of tradition, experience and talent in supporting start-ups and emerging designers by offering a space that provides cutting-edge functionality with the addition of the unique practicality of craftsmanship.

The functionality of a modern showroom

and the convenience
of a craft workshop

In an environment of 600 square meters, comfortable and stimulating and with the support of skilled experts and multilingual staff, here the designer has the opportunity to follow the entire life cycle of the project in every single phase and detail. They have the opportunity to touch a wide range of materials from the first analysis of the project and to deal with master craftsmen who make this work art, the pride of the made in Italy.



strategic consulting and advisory services

Atelier Artigiani Veneziani is a partner of Cluxter, which guarantees to fashion luxury manufacturers a flexible and tailor-made service, fully integrated to be able to elaborate the perfect offer for each client, according to the different needs.