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Artigiani Veneziani is a leather goods company grown in the Italian manufacturing tradition. Since the 1970s, Artigiani Veneziani has manufactured entire leather product collections and accessories with time-honored craftsmanship, combining leather-working heritage, experience, and the drive for innovation.

The Company
We manufacture refined leather accessories that showcase the unique style of the prominent names we work for. We maintain the ability to develop products by gathering specific requests, applying our creative resources, and then designing any type of product, from soft to structured bags, to evening clutches. We understand the ideas and objectives of our clients, shaping entire collections with just a few suggestions.
Our Artisans
A basic pencil sketch and a simple description of the desired style is enough for Artigiani Veneziani to create a collection befitting the customer’s requests. Thanks to the combination of decades of experience, the most modern technologies in the industry and a quest for innovative materials Artigiani Veneziani can produce articles with originality and the highest quality craftsmanship, all the while respecting the trends and standards dictated by the most important markets in the world.
Our Production
The production is centered on traditional dedication to craft, using the utmost care and manual operations, from the precise cutting of the models to the hand or mechanical stitching phase. This work system ensures a true to detail realization of the initial design and gives our bags the unique touch of craftsmanship.
Our Tecnologies

Artigiani Veneziani

About us

  • The Company

    With over 50 years of experience in leather manufacturing, Artigiani Veneziani is a leader in high quality leather goods production. Three Artigiani Veneziani facilities, located in Venice, Florence and Slovenia offer a full 360 degree service, characterized by creative design and production following the highest quality standards. Beginning in a small workshop, Artigiani Veneziani has grown to employ over 200 people and occupy over 6000 square meters of production space. The three production facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated machinery for refining goods to perfection, where every detail is examined and inspected with the expert eyes and hands of master craftsmen.

  • Our Artisans

    The mastery of leather: the experience of the Venetian master leather artisans. Mastering a raw material means knowing its essence, its characteristics and its evolution during the production process. The years of experience held by the Artigiani Veneziani artisans and their ability to remain current ensures every product conceived fuses masterfully the past and the present.

  • Our Production

    In the past, each object carried within itself the traits of the hand that created it. This “Made in Italy” leather craftsmanship comes to life in our production, making every accessory unique and precious. Our company meets all the occupational safety standards and we not only focus on the final product but are also committed to ethics and operational excellence.

  • Our Tecnologies

    A cradle of creativity, where tradition and technology meet and develop constantly. While there dwells the philosophy of tradition, where the craftsman’s skills and experience are the beating heart of the project, there also exists the need to keep up with the times, or rather to look forward. Technology is evolving at extraordinary rates, and we with it. Designing and developing new solutions is a motivating force for Artigiani Veneziani. By applying the latest technologies at every phase of the production chain, we achieve the agility to respond to the needs and requirements of the product, the customer and a market increasingly dependent on speed, quality, efficiency and customization.

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Production Chain

Artigiani Veneziani


Artigiani Veneziani


  • Venice

    Venice is the heart of the company, where Artigiani Veneziani was born and where the company continues to grow every day. With a strong, solid structure, 3500 square meters and over 100 employees, this is where the Artigiani Veneziani production is primarily managed. This is where the complete production chain is controlled and guaranteed, from design to cutting, from assembling to finishing, and where logistical support is provided as well.

  • Florence

    In Florence we have our new atelier, conceived and established by Artigiani Veneziani to offer and guarantee an area for the development, design and creation of individual prototypes or entire collections. It is a new place where, in a practical, comfortable and a technically avant-garde environment, every designer can develop his own collections. It includes the most refined comforts of a showroom, but even more, an artisan workshop which takes advantage of the undisputed excellence of Florentine talent.

  • Slovenia

    For an effective 360 degree service, we decided to enhance the productive power of Artigiani Veneziani with a warehouse of over 2000 square meters and more than 100 employees. It provides added support for us but, primarily, it allows the possibility of being able to offer our customers an additional service, such as the “partial made” and still guarantees direct and total control of the production quality.

“An ancient wisdom and a passion that has grown over time in a fascinating game of tangled ideas and commitment, always enhancing teamwork that understands the potential of each element for sharing a common project.”

Artigiani Veneziani

Artigiani Veneziani

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